Lubbly Jubbly…

The Gambia, or the Smiling Coast, favoured winter sunshine destination for Europeans…

The Gambia, or the Smiling Coast, favoured destination for Europeans in search of winter sun. Instead, today’s like a typical English summer…cloudy and cool.

Taking the opportunity of a rest day, gives me the chance to catch up on my blog, get some clothes washed and just chill at a nearby hotel at Cape Point, Bakau. That’s if I can avoid the offers of taxi every 10 metres, offers of guides, remember me, and of course the locals telling me “Lubbly Jubbly”. What exactly is Lubbly Jubbly defeats me, as I feel the effects of ‘something I ate’…where’s the nearest loo?

The hotel I’ve pitched up at to write my blog, is atypical of the type seen in The Gambia…not quite fish and chips and kiss me quick hats, but you get the idea. Mainly Germans and Dutch…not sure if the Brits have plucked up the courage to return.


Chatting to the proprietor of a well known local restaurant last night, it’s clear that whilst everyone welcomes Adama Barrow as the new president, there is very much an air of caution; the promises of changes within 3 years being perceived as unrealistic. Quite probably, but a start has to be made somewhere. Whilst it is clear, that Yahya Jammeh’s departure is welcome, people still add a note of caution as to how easy it could all change. But that’s Africa for you…


With the inauguration only a week away, everything appears low key. The Senagalise contingent of ECOMIG, a kilometre up the road, appear relaxed with a large number of them hanging out on the cliffs over the beach talking on their phones. Certainly happy to acknowledge and exchange a bon jour etc.

Not sure how Lubbly Jubbly translates into French!




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