Dakar, Sénégal

Settled in with family in HLM, in Dakar and will remain here until next Tuesday when I take the overnite ferry south to Cassamance and up to Kafoutine to stay with Kath at The Kora School for a few nites.

The trip north from Banjul in The Gambia was a bit hairy… took some 14 hours, starting with ferry from Banjul to Barra, then an hours drive to Sénégal border and transit Gambian &Senegalese customs & immigration.

Then the inévitable wait for the Sept Place to fill. Eventually off at 16:00 for a 6 hour drive to Dakar (240km). Roads a mix of good pavé but too often resorted to dirt track in preference to potholes – more a case of potholes joined by strips of tarmac! 

Sunset at 19:00 and not even half way…rule is to avoid travel at nite, still no choice as driver races lorries in dark to get around potholes. After an eternity approched Dakar, by this time extremely concerned as hadn’t been able to contact my host Beya. Eventually through calls to UK made contact.

Arrving at Pompier garage at 22:30 was a bit scary, especially as Beya wasnt contact able. Luckily driver helped and got it sorted.

Have received amazing hospitality from extended family who have made me very welcome. Despite my rubbish French, getting by.

Dakar is the home of the yellow taxi – its noisey, chaotic, smelly, dirty but fun at the same time. If you can accept all th shortcomings, you’ll enjoy the experience.

Last nite was a chance to savour some of the nite life…summed up nicely by a sign at the entrance – Entry Free, Consummation Obligatory! 

Enough said.